Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents

Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents are great for creating a shady spot when you need someplace to cool off on the beach or even just in the backyard. Unlike some beach tents, this is a relatively large tend that a couple of adults can comfortably sit in. This tent is a real bargain compared with some of the others that are available on the market today, particularly the pop-up variety. Here’s what you need to know about Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents.

Features of the Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents

According to reviewers, the Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents are some of the best beach tents for your money simply because they’re so roomy. You can actually put full-sized beach chairs in the tent so you can comfortably relax in the shade.

  • The tent gives three-sided coverage against the sun, so it offers a lot more shade than a beach umbrella
  • Waterproof fabric means you’re protected from light rain on the beach, too
  • Comes with sandbags so you can make it more stable without needing to use stakes

Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents Review

The Good & The Bad with This Beach Tent

Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents are great for hauling to the beach because they don’t weight a whole lot and are relatively simple to set up. For the weight, you’ll be surprised at how large this tent is when it is fully set up.

The Good:

  • Air vents at the top keep air flowing so you don’t get too hot
  • UV protective fabric has an SPF rating of 50+
  • Comes with dry line and carrying bag, which can be used to store things up off the ground when the tent is set up
  • Front door zips down to become a welcome mat of sorts for the tent, so less sand gets tracked inside
  • Features four hanging pockets inside so you can easily store odds and ends

The Not-So-Good:

  • This tent takes longer to set up than the Pop Up beach tent models. However, it’s high quality and long-lasting, and it will serve you well for the money you’ll pay for it, which is often around half what you’ll pay for a pop-up beach tent.

Is the Coleman Road Trip Tent for You?

Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents are perfect for families with little ones who need to get out of the sun during a day at the beach. They’re also nice for adults who need to relax in the shade on a hot day. They can be used for days at the beach, picnics, or even family time in the back yard. If you want an affordable beach tent option and don’t mind taking time to set up the tent, these are great options.

Best Price and Availability

The Coleman Road Trip tent may be available at your local sporting goods store but you will obviously find the easiest availability (as well as the best price!) when you buy online. Click here and take advantage of today’s best online deal now!

Coleman Road Trip Beach Canopy Tents Sale

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