Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents

Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents feature an interesting look and different size options so you can get exactly what you need. They’re great for the beach or the backyard, and they’re simple to set up. They are made from StormShield polyester, that will stand up to rain and harsh winds, and four guy lines allow it to be even sturdier in the wind. These tents include sand pouches, as well, for easier anchoring at the beach. These are high quality beach tents at a relatively affordable price.

Features of Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents

One of the main features of these beach tents is that they have a sewn-in floor with taped seams, which keeps it nice and dry inside even if you set it up on damp sand. The Eureka Tents also feature net windows for ventilation and one open side for a cabana style experience. The medium and large tents have clothesline rings so you can dry wet beach clothes more easily, and the large model has two interior organizer pockets.

Features Include:

  • Sewn in floor with taped seams for dryness
  • Net windows for ventilation
  • One open side like a cabana
  • Clothesline rings and organizer pockets available on some models

Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents Review

Are these the Best Beach Tents?

Reviewers really love that Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents can be set up in under five minutes, and they also note that the tent is very well constructed and sturdy. The tents also pack down nicely into their own cases, which makes it easy to take with you. Besides this, reviewers note that even the medium sized tent has plenty of room for adults and kids both.


  • Set up in under five minutes
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Packs down into a carrying case
  • Plenty of room inside, even in medium sized model


  • Some reviewers noted that the tent is difficult to move with the sun’s movement or the wind’s direction throughout the day. If you don’t stake it down when there’s not a lot of wind, though, you should be able to turn it easily.
  • Also, the air flow in the tent will be restricted on a day when there isn’t much breeze, so be careful that children inside don’t get too hot.

Is the Eureka Beach Canopy Perfect for You?

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality beach tent, this is the one for you. Keep in mind that you’ll need to order the size you want, and you might be surprised at how big even the medium sized tent is!

Best Availability and Price

You can look in your local area for the Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents, but you probably won’t find them there. Instead, search for it online, where you’ll get the best price, too. Get today’s best price on Eureka Tents by clicking here!

Eureka Solar Beach Canopy Tents Sale

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