Grand Trunk Cielo Beach Canopy Tents

The Grand Trunk Cielo Beach Canopy Tents come from a well-known company and generally get good reviews for their quality and ease of use. These tents are simple to set up and can be done in under a minute. The tent is made of durable materials and measures 87″ by 59″ by 43″, which is large enough for two adults to sit in comfortably. The tent seems to be of higher quality and is more durable than many other options.

Features of the Grand Trunk Cielo Beach Canopy Tents

The main feature of the Grand Trunk Cielo is that it sets up in under a minute, which definitely makes it worth taking to the beach. It also features a more open design than many beach canopies, which makes it stay cool in side with better air flow. Besides this, the shelter only weighs six pounds, so it’s relatively easy to carry to the beach but also features sturdier poles than many lighter weight pop up canopies.

Features Include:

  • Sets up in under a minute
  • Open design helps it stay cool inside
  • Weighs just six pounds

Grand Trunk Cielo Beach Canopy Tents Review

Are These the Best Beach Tents?

Grand Trunk Cielo Beach Canopy Tents are a great option for families or people with kids. Reviewers like that they’re larger than baby sun tents, and that they come with stakes and sand pouches to hold them down in windy weather. Reviewers also like that the bottom of the tent is removable, which makes for easy cleanup and allows you to give your kids a shaded place to play in the sand. Besides this, another pro in favor of this tent is that it actually folds down easily and easily fits back into its carrying case, unlike some tents that are difficult to stuff back into a too-small carrying case.


  • Have pouches and stakes to hold them down
  • Removable bottom is versatile and easy to clean
  • Folds easily back into the carrying case


One reviewer noted that a stiff wind will make the sides of the tent flex a bit, but it doesn’t seem to have any problems actually standing up when it’s windy out.

Is This the Perfect Beach Tent for You?

Because of their high quality and open design, Grand Trunk Cielo Beach Canopy Tents are the best beach tents for families who want a cool place to play but don’t necessarily need the privacy a full tent offers. If you need privacy for napping or breastfeeding a little one, consider looking at tents with fold-down doors instead.

Find the Best Price

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