Stansport Beach Canopy Tents

Stansport Beach Canopy Tents are the perfect solution for keeping the whole family out of the harsh sun at the beach, at a barbecue, or just about anywhere you’re going to be outdoors. These canopy tents are super simple to set up, and they’re made to last. The tents are easy to use, so your whole family will love using them in many different situations. Here’s what you need to know about Stansport Beach Canopy Tents.

Features of Stansport Beach Canopy Tents

One feature of Stansport Beach Canopy Tents that is very useful is the three-sided design. Now, these tents don’t double as privacy or changing tents. However, they’re very useful if you want to actually set up beach chairs inside. The tents also boast plenty of mesh windows so you get all those nice ocean breezes on the beach. Another feature of these tents is shock-corded fiberglass poles, which are both long-lasting and easy to put together.

Features Include

  • Three sided design allows you to set up beach chairs inside
  • Mesh windows allow you to always have a breeze
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles are easy to assemble and long-lasting

Stansport Beach Canopy Tents Review

Pros and Cons of Stansport Beach Canopy Tents

One thing users like about Stansport Beach Canopy Tents is that they have corner sandbags. You’ll find that most of the best beach tents come with these. They do a good job of holding the tent down on windy days, but they work more effectively in fine sandy areas than tent stakes. Also, the mesh on the tents doesn’t allow people to see in, which is very helpful if you want a bit of privacy at the beach. One more thing users like about these tents is that they come with a carrying case and weight just three pounds, so they’re super easy to get to the beach.


  • Included sand bags in the corners hold tent down even in windy weather
  • No-see-um mesh offers ventilation with privacy
  • Carrying case makes it easy to get this tent to the beach
  • Weighs about three pounds


  • This tent isn’t quite as quick to set up as some pop up versions. However, since it features fiberglass poles, it’s probably sturdier, and it’s really not difficult to set up at all. After the first time, you can set it up within tent minutes.

Is the Stansport Beach Canopy Tent for You?

Stansport Beach Canopy Tents are great for families who need a larger place to get out of the sun on trips to the beach or a picnic. These tents help block much of the sun’s harmful rays without actually blocking breezes. They’re not as quick to set up as pop up options, but they are more affordable and have sturdier poles than many of these options, which means you will be making an investment that will last for years.

Best Price and Availability

If you’re lucky enough to have a local store that specializes in beach toys & equipment, you’ll likely find a limited selection of beach canopies. However, you’ll find the best beach tents (as well as the best price) when you do your shopping online – and the StanSport beach canopy tent is no exception. Just click here and get today’s best online price on this popular beach tent now.

Stansport Beach Canopy Tents Sale

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