Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents

The Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents are a great option if you need to protect your family from the sun while having a great day at the beach. These tents can also be used at the campsite or in the backyard – anywhere you need some extra protection from the sun. The three-sided tent is easy to put up, and features special options that make it more convenient to use. This tent is more affordable than pop up options, but it’s still easy to put up, featuring just three shock-corded poles. It’s definitely a good option if you’re looking for something long-lasting but easy to use for your family’s time at the beach.

Features of the Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents

One of the main features of Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents are the mesh windows with storm flaps. The windows offer a bit of privacy, since they can’t be seen through from the outside, and the mesh is fine enough to block most blowing sand. If you need protection from a light rain shower, the storm flaps can be helpful, too.

  • Heavy-duty fabric is coated with polyurethane for UV protection and a long-lasting tent
  • Four sand bags offer stability without making you mess with getting stakes in the sand
  • Large enough for beach chairs to fit in or for several children to nap in

Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents Review

Pros and Cons of This Beach Tent

One thing buyers really like about Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents is that they have more airflow than some other options because of the mesh windows and open front side. While this offers slightly less privacy, it also means that the tent doesn’t become uncomfortably hot during a sunny day.

Other Pros:

  • Tent stands up relatively well to windy conditions and can easily be resituated to take advantage of shade and breezes
  • Tent packs down into a compact bag and is easy to carry
  • Lightweight tent weighs under four pounds, so it’s easy to carry along with your beach gear
  • Tent is easier to set up than some non-popup models

The Cons:

  • According to several reviewers, Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents can be a little difficult to pack back down into the carrying case. This isn’t unusual for tents, which have to be rolled more tightly than most people can get them in order to pack down into their original bag. However, the actual tent will fit into the bag if you simply put the poles in a separate bag that you can clip or tie to the tent bag.

Is the Calypso Beach Tent For You?

Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents are great for families looking for an affordable way to get some shade at the beach. These tents work better than beach umbrellas, but they’re more affordable than pop up cabanas. They make a great option for families with children or people who simply want to have a spot to set up beach chairs out of the sun.

Best Price and Availability

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Texsport Calypso Beach Canopy Tents Sale

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