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Rio Sports Beach Tent Stakes

Rio Sports Beach Tent Stakes can be great if you need stakes that can really hold an umbrella or beach tent in place. These stakes are meant to be used specifically with beach umbrellas, but they can also be used with most cabanas and beach tents that include rings for staking it out. If you’ve [...]

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Beach tent stakes are slightly different than other tent stakes. This is because they have to go into totally different materials. Not all tents meant for the beach need to be staked down, but if yours does, you may need special beach tent stakes. Here's what you need to know about these stakes.

Does Your Tent Take Beach Tent Stakes?

First, you need to find out whether or not your tent can be staked with beach tent stakes. Some cabanas and pop up beach tent meant for a day at the beach don't even take stakes. The manufacturers just assume that if it's windy enough to blow your tent around, you won't be playing on the beach! In this case, weighted bags at the corners of the tent often replace beach tent stakes.

Tents that don't need stakes can be convenient because it can be difficult to use tent stakes on the beach. Just don't plan to take your tent out on a rough, windy day because the corner weights may not be enough to hold it down.

Special Stakes for Beach Tents

Some beach tents need stakes and will probably come equipped with them already. In this case, beach tent stakes are often plastic. Many times, they have an arrow-head shape that shoots into the sand and sticks there with a wide end preventing them from getting pulled up. Some beach tent stakes are also corkscrewed, which can give them a slightly better hold, particularly in loose sand.

Keep in mind that on really fine, dry sand, even the best beach tent stakes probably won't work 100%. You can sometimes get your beach tent staked by heading in closer to the water where the sand is wet and more packed. Just make sure you pay attention to the surf as it rises so all your stuff doesn't get doused!

When you're using stakes for your beach tent, make sure you use the proper device to drive them into the ground. Plastic stakes will break easily, especially in cooler weather, and should be handled with care. Even aluminum stakes can be bent by rocks or hammers. Your best option is to keep a small rubber mallet with your beach supplies. You can use it for hammering in your beach tent stakes whenever you set your tent up.

The great part about beach tent stakes, unlike traditional tent stakes, is that they'll come out of the ground fairly easily when you're ready to pack up!