Kidco Beach Tents For Babies

Kidco Beach Tents For Babies feature a unique design that functions as a beach tent and a travel bed both. The extra versatility of this product makes it a good investment for any family who travels a lot, particularly if they spend a lot of time outdoors. The little pod style tent has a mattress in the bottom so that baby is always comfortable for a nap, and the top offers UV protection and screens to allow for air flow while blocking out flying sand and bugs and such.

Features of Kidco Beach Tents For Babies

One of the main features of Kidco Baby Beach Tents is their compact size, which makes them useful for babies up through small toddlers. The tents also feature an inflatable mattress, which slides into a pocket so that the baby can’t slide it around or stick hands and feet in beside it. The wraparound canopy features mesh so that baby can see out and get plenty of airflow without being bothered by bugs or sand.

Features Include:

  • Compact size for infants through small toddlers
  • Inflatable mattress slides into pocket at the bottom
  • Wraparound mesh canopy blocks out bugs and sand but allows airflow

Kidco Beach Tents For Babies Review

Are These the Best Beach Tents for Babies?

One thing reviewers like about Kidco Beach Tents For Babies is that they can be packed down tightly and weigh less than six pounds; when you aren’t at the beach, they can even replace the hefty Pack n’ Play! Reviewers also like that it’s easy to set up and refold this tent, which is helpful when you’re at the beach with a little one! This tent is very durable, and many families have used it for years with no problems.


  • Packs down tightly
  • Weighs less than six pounds
  • Can be used anywhere as a bed
  • Very durable-


Some parents complain that the zipper noise is very loud, which can wake up a baby you’ve just gotten down for a nap inside the tent. This can be minimized by putting your fingers over the teeth of the zipper as you’re zipping the tent up.

Is The Peapod the Perfect Baby Beach Tent for You?

If you don’t need a beach tent that will allow an adult to crawl in with the baby for feeding and such, and if you like the idea of a versatile beach tent that can be used as a bed almost anywhere, this is the best baby beach tent for you. It certainly doesn’t have room for anyone but one baby to be laid down in it, though, so if you’re looking for something larger, you need to go with another option.

Where Can You Get the Best Price?

Kidco Beach Tents For Babies will be next to impossible to find at a local retailer, but you can always find them online. The bonus is that you can get the best possible price on them online, too! Get the best price on Kidco Baby Tents here.

Kidco Peapod Beach Tent Sale

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