Schylling Beach Tents For Babies

Scylling Beach Tents for Babies are convenient tents to take to the beach or almost any outdoor location when you want to protect your little one from the sunshine. These tents pop up easily and are even easy to tear down. This means they’re simple to use whenever you need to protect your baby from the sun. They can protect a baby for the whole day, and they’re even great for play tents for toddlers or a place for older kids to take a nap. Here’s what you need to know about Schylling Beach Tents for Babies.

Features of Schylling Beach Tents for Babies

One of the main features of Schylling Beach Tents for Babies is their patented pop-up style. They pop up and go down easily in a way that’s similar to a beach umbrella. Even on windy days or when baby is being fussy, you can easily get this tent up with one person.

  • Waterproof polyester construction can also protect baby from light rains at the beach
  • Comes with pegs to stake the tent down so it doesn’t go anywhere on windy days
  • Features a carrying case that makes it easy to take anywhere, even on a plane!

Schylling Beach Tents For Babies Review

This Beach Tent’s Pros & Cons

One thing that parents like about Schylling Beach Tents for Babies is that they’re super light weight. One tent weighs just a pound, so it’s super simple to pack into the car or in your luggage for a longer trip to the beach!

The Pros:

  • Good sized tent that can hold a baby or a toddler comfortably
  • Roll up doors allow baby to see out or you to keep an eye on baby
  • Ventilation system keeps tent comfortable even on hot days
  • Sturdy fabric construction is easy to clean up and simple to shake sand off of

The Cons:

  • Some reviewers were surprised at the size of the tent and thought it was too small for a toddler tent but too large for a baby tent. Measure out the dimensions so you know what you’re getting. This is one of the larger baby beach tents on the market, but it’s not large enough to fit more than one or two toddlers, either.

Why is the Schylling Beach Tent for Babies right for You?

Schylling Beach Tents for Babies are great for parents who want versatile beach tents that will last for a few years, rather than just when your child is an infant. They make great play tents, and are simple to pack with you wherever you go.

Best Price and Availability

You won’t find much of a selection of beach tents for babies at your local retail stores. You will of course get the best selection, (as well as the best price!) when you purchase online – and Schylling’s beach tent is no exception. Just click here and get today’s best online price now and save!

Schylling Beach Tents For Babies Sale

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