Abo Gear Aerodome Pop Up Beach Tent

The Abo Gear Aerodome Pop Up Beach Tent is a great option for families who need sun protection at the beach. This tent will fit four to six people and can even accommodate beach chairs in its shade. It features lots of adjustable ventilation, a door that converts into a ground sheet, and easy set up. It isn’t the longest-lasting option on the market, but it does give you relatively good value for your money, since it’s one of the cheapest options out there.

Features of the Abo Gear Aerodome Pop Up Beach Tent

The Abo Gear Aerodome features several adjustable air vents that allow you to create the air flow you need or block extra sun when it’s coming from an angle. It also features durable SPF 50 rated fabric, so you know your family is being protected from the sun. The large front door of the tent can be folded into a ground sheet so you have a less sandy place to sit, as well.

Features Include:

  • Adjustable air vents
  • SPF 50 fabric
  • Large front door that becomes a ground sheet

Abo Gear Aerodome Pop Up Beach Tent Review

How Does The Abo Gear Stack-up Against The Best Beach Tents?

One thing reviewers like about the Abo Gear Beach Tent is that it is easy to assemble, even when the beach is windy. The tent is particularly large – five by five feet on the bottom – which gives you plenty of room inside. It also weighs just four pounds, so it’s easy to get to your beach site. Besides this, the tent features both tent stakes and sand bags to hold it down even on a windy day.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Large footprint (5′ x 5′)
  • Light-weight (at just 4 lbs)
  • Comes with both stakes and sand bags


This beach tent will probably not last for several seasons, as its poles are not the highest quality. However, this is one of the least expensive beach tents out there, so it can be a good option if you just need it for a summer’s use and want to buy a new one every summer anyway – but if you’re looking for long-lasting quality, you’ll want to consider another option.

Is the Abo Gear Aerodome Right For You?

The Abo Gear Aerodome Pop Up Beach Tent is a great option for families and groups who need an affordable beach tent to pop up for a few sessions at the beach or to beat the heat in the backyard. It isn’t the best option for those who want to make an investment in a beach tent they’ll use for years, however. This tent is relatively easy to assemble, and it’s very lightweight compared with other options, so if you have a long trek to get to your beach, it’s definitely the right choice for you.

Availability and Best Pricing

You can check your local specialty stores and super stores for the Abo Gear Aerodome, but it will probably be difficult to find in your hometown. The best option is to buy it online, where it’s easy to find and less expensive. Get today’s best online price on the Abo Gear Aerodome pop-up beach tent here.

Abo Gear Aerodome Pop Up Beach Tent Sale

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